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A few things about me...

- My work is always clear and creative, whether using animation or video.

- I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

- I believe in imagination, fruit gums and Bristol City.

- I'm terrible with websites so please judge the video content NOT the site!

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February 2023 Animation Challenge

On the first of February I impulsively set myself a challenge to produce a unique animation every single day for that month. The following 28 days were packed full of sketches, keyframes, and deep regret but I stuck at it and finished with a body of work I am super proud of - check it out here.

Working with Russell Brand

© 2023

I have been Video Editor and Motion graphics guy for Russell Brand since Sept 2022. I have made promos, adverts and stings for Russell which go out across all platforms to millions of people. I also created the pop ups and animations for Russells daily live shows on Rumble.

mrmooremedia Showreel 2022

mrmooremedia Showreel 2022


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