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ARC - The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship

In late 2023 I was commissioned to create two short films for ARC's inaugural global conference in London.

These videos centred on narrating the evolution of energy over time and exploring the theme of identity.

ARC - Energy - Pro Res.gif
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I have been Video Editor and Motion graphics guy for Russell Brand since Sept 2022. I have made promos, adverts and stings for Russell which go out across all platforms to millions of people. I also created the pop ups and animations for Russell's daily live shows on Rumble.

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America This Week - Podcast with Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn

Weekly, I breathe visual life into the podcast 'America this week' through animated edits. These videos provide an engaging episode recap and also draw in prospective new listeners to the show. Online, they've garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

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Matt Taibbi
mrmooremedia Showreel 2022

mrmooremedia Showreel 2022

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